Body Contouring

Total Body Contouring Now at Regal Skin and Laser!
We are pleased to announce our upgrade to truSculpt ID

We have evaluated many body sculpting and contouring technologies and have found truSculpt by Cutera to be the most effective in offering demonstrated results and great value.  truScupt ID is the latest evolution and innovation in body contouring

truSculpt ID: Non-Invasive Fat Reduction

truSculpt ID is the latest innovation in non-surgical fat removal. Using deep heat through radiofrequency technology, truSculpt ID is able to target unwanted fat and breakdown fat cells in many areas of the body.

Contouring and Shaping the Body with truSculpt ID

truSculpt ID is able to contour and sculpt the body as well as help you obtain the figure that you desire. It also tightens the treated area, an added bonus.